A collection of one-page coding projects

Knit Like Me

I made this app in order to knit with code. It originally started as a sketch in Processing while exploring the connection between knitting and programming. I transferred it to the web so more people could test it out.

knit like me

Air Jam

Air Jam is a touch-free interactive musical interface inspired by the air guitar. As the user moves their hands near their microphone, they can “play” the instrument in mid-air. The web app uses the computer’s built in mic as a motion sensor using the doppler effect. This was a collaborative project with Seth Kranzler. I contributed visual design and front-end development.

air jam

Desktop Party

This is a drawing app for people who are nostalgic for the days of Windows 98 and the dawn of the internet. Visitors can draw with a variety of desktop icons and glittery cursors.

desktop party

Self Portrait

This is a page I made as a school assignment to make a self portrait. I made videos of my hands doing things that I love and experimented with HTML5 video.

self portrait