Design Engineer for electronics kits that combine craft and engineering


As Design Engineer at Teknikio my goal was to make engineering accessible through hands-on projects that allow creative freedom. My role combined product design, interaction design, illustration, fabrication, technical writing, and teaching. I developed online tutorials as well as physical kits, and test projects with kids as part of after school programs around New York City.

During my time there we worked with Mouse.org to develop an online curriculum for wearable electronics. It will be distributed as part of their mission to provide access to STEM education to underserved schools.

Example Projects —

Shivering Penguin Set

This penguin plushie shivers when you squeeze him. This kit incorporates the Teknikio Motionboard and Batteryboard. The wing acts as a switch so that when it’s pressed against the belly it completes the circuit and begins to shiver.

This kit was based on an example project I made using Teknikio components. It received so much positive feedback that we turned it into a kit for the holiday season. I made multiple prototypes simplifying the construction and testing materials. I then wrote and illustrated the instructions, designed the packaging, and laser cut the felt pieces.

electronic beading light up mask circuit

Electronic Beading Kit

This kit combines jewelry design and electronics. The circuit features the Teknikio RGB LEDboard, so the light will shine red, green, or blue based on where the bracelet is clasped. The kit also includes a custom bead board for designing and a selection of glass, wood and metal beads.

This kit was a collaboration with BeadKraft, a local craft and jewelry supply store located in New York’s Garment District. As a consultant, I familiarized myself with traditional jewelry-making techniques, tools, and materials. I worked directly with the store owner to develop the kit using high-quality beads and findings. I designed the packaging, wrote and illustrated the instructions, and tested the product with kids and adults.

electronic beading light up mask circuit

Light Up Wristband

This project is an easy intro to soft circuitry and wearable electronics. The wristband features sewable metal snaps that act as a closure and an electronic switch. When the wristband is worn, the LED turns on, but when the snaps are separated it turns off.

light up wrist band light up wrist band circuit

Light Up Face Mask

Published just in time for Halloween, this project uses a parallel circuit to power two LEDs from one battery. The tutorial includes a template to make the pictured mask, but is meant to serve as inspiration for hacking an existing costume.

I developed this tutorial as an update to an existing Teknikio project. I photographed and illustrated the tutorial, re-wrote the copy, and made a template that can easily be used with a die-cut machine or laser-cutter. This project has been taught in Teknikio workshops as an intro to Wearable Electronics.

light up mask light up mask circuit

Packaging and Print Design —

At Teknikio I was responsible for the majority of graphic design work. One of my first projects was collaborating on a major packaging redesign which has become the standard for all Teknikio kit releases. I also worked on digital assets and promotional materials such as business cards and a run of custom notebooks.

light up mask light up mask circuit

Workshops and Classes —

My focus at Teknikio was not just developing new projects, but bringing them into classrooms around New York to test them and further the cause of STEM education. Teknikio hosts both one-off workshops for kids and adults and weekly after-school classes. At the United Nations International School, I taught “Inventor’s Club” with kids ages 6 to 10, and at Geek Forest in Williamsburg, Brooklyn I’ve taught Wearable: Sewing with Electronics and Programming Wearables, where kids get to build their own interactive toys and accessories.

light up mask light up mask circuit