Almost Cooked

User Experience Design for a recipe website & companion app

almost cooked

While at Mindspark I was the UX and Design lead for a project called Almost Cooked. Our team performed research for a website and companion app that combines recipe search and meal planning. While the project never reached production, I am proud of the progress we made and the valuable insights we gained during our user research.

User Experience —

Our research process included a series of phone interviews and a survey of current recipe websites, grocery shopping patterns, and diet trends. Based on our research we developed user personas and created a storyboard.

almost cooked almost cooked

Visual Design —

After collecting research we developed a visual language for the interface. We picked a warm color palette and bold shapes inspired by vintage cookbooks.

almost cooked almost cooked

App Design —

Along with the website, we designed a companion app for iOS. The user can search recipes based on their dietary preferences and bookmark them for later. They can also add the recipe to their shopping list for easy meal planning.

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