Case Study: Almost Cooked

Blending recipes, meal planning, and grocery shopping into one powerful tool


As part of the Innovation Team at Ask Applications, I lead research and visual design exploration for a recipe search and meal-planning app for web and mobile.


Ask Application


Lead UX Researcher, Visual Designer


5 months


Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, InVision, Balsamiq, HTML, CSS

almost cooked


Ask Applications wanted to utilize two of their APIs, supporting recipe search and couponing, in a new web and mobile app. After identifying their target demographic, I worked on interviewing users to identify their behaviors and needs related to creating meals.

High Level Goals:




Our research process included a series of phone interviews and a survey of current recipe websites, grocery shopping patterns, and diet trends. Based on our research we developed user personas and created a storyboard.

almost cooked
almost cooked

Visual Design

After collecting research we developed a visual language for the interface. We picked a warm color palette and bold shapes inspired by vintage cookbooks.

almost cooked
almost cooked

App Design

Along with the website, we designed a companion app for iOS. The user can search recipes based on their dietary preferences and bookmark them for later. They can also add the recipe to their shopping list for easy meal planning.


Almost Cooked was only a Proof of Concept, and ultimately we were not able to get the resources to bring the app to production. I am proud of the progress we made and the valuable insights we gained during our user research.