Wearable Exploration

A collection of wearable electronic prototypes

Glove Actually

A glove that inflates to simulate the feeling of holding hands. While reflecting on a class discussion around the topic of intimacy, I thought about the simple act of holding hands, and if I could simulate that feeling. I hand knit the glove with soft wool and lined the palm with satin for extra comfort. The inflation is triggered by the discrete gesture of squeezing the wrist.

glove actually glove actually

Keyboard Six Pack

A wearable instrument inspired by idealized muscular structure. I wanted to find a fun way to incorporate sound on the body. Pressing each ab triggers a different note produced by a piezo buzzer placed on the belly button.

keyboard sixpack keyboard sixpack


A hat that changes your point of view. Psychologists have found a link between height, confidence, and success. My idea is to allow the wearer to experience the world from a new, slightly taller perspective. A camera in the hat send a live feed directly to their phone, so they can continue to navigate the world as usual.

talliscope talliscope

Wellbeing Bling

A mood-ring that helps keep track of the wearer’s well being. The wearer presses buttons on the wrist when they’ve eaten, hydrated, or gone outside. Based on their input the ring will change color as a visual indicator.

well bleing well bleing

Laugh Track

A necklace that tracks laughter. While overwhelmed by the recent emergence of the quantified self, I wanted to quantify something unique to me - my laugh. Using a speech detection library for Arduino I attempted to identify when and where I laugh.

laugh track laugh track